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Facts About Jeanne Faatz

bulletDenver City Councilwoman (2003-present)
bulletCollege instructor (1985-98)
bulletState Representative for Southwest Denver (1979-98)
bulletAssistant Majority Leader in the Colorado House of Representatives (1991-98)
bulletCivic Leader: Past President of Harvey Park Improvement Association; former member of State Youth Council, Southwest Family YMCA Board of Advisors, and Colorado Mental Health Institute at Ft. Logan Advisory Board
bulletDirector of Colorado School-to-Career Partnership (1999-2001)
bullet“Taxpayer Champion 1998” (Colorado Union of Taxpayers award)
bulletFamily: 2 adult daughters and 5 grandchildren
bullet43-year resident of Southwest Denver

Additional Background Information
about Jeanne Faatz


bulletM.A. in Communication, University of Colorado at Denver
bulletB.S. in English Education, University of Illinois
bulletGates Fellow to Harvard University Program for Senior Executives in State and Local Government

Teaching career

bulletMetropolitan State College of Denver
bulletRegis University
bulletDenver Public Schools
bulletCherry Creek Public Schools
bulletUrbana (Illinois) Public Schools

Honored by:

bulletColorado Library Association
bulletNational Federation of Independent Business
bulletUCD College of Engineering Alumni
bulletColorado Organization for Victim Assistance
bulletDelta Kappa Gamma (Education) Society
bulletMetro-West Business and Professional Women
bulletCU-Health Sciences Center Alumni Association
bulletColorado Counties, Inc.
bulletWho’s Who of American Women
bulletParents of Murdered Children
bulletColorado Union of Taxpayers
bulletWho’s Who in American Politics
bulletCenter for American Women and Politics
bulletColorado Mental Health Institute at Ft. Logan
bulletFirst Judicial District
bulletWTS: Women in Transportation
bulletWho’s Who among Students in American Universities and College
bulletWarren Village: President’s Award

Little-known facts about Jeanne Faatz

bulletFought off a mugger
bulletPlayed the violin
bulletGraduated with college honors (top 3% of class)
bulletThird generation teacher
bulletLoves reading, music, theater, movies, walking
bulletLast name rhymes with “lots”

Previous Endorsements Praise Faatz's Effectiveness:

Rocky Mountain News: April 16, 2003

"In Southwest Denver, District 2 has attracted a passel of candidates vying to replace Ted Hackworth after 24 years.  Our hands-down choice here is Jeanne Faatz, a political moderate who left the legislature a few years ago with a stellar record on fiscal and education issues.  We don't know who on the next council will assume Hackworth's long role as the budgetary watchdog, but we wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be Faatz.  Unlike Hackworth, however, Faatz is adept at coalition-building, and should be a real force to reckon with."

"Another reason to support Faatz: While in the legislature, she prided herself on getting back to constituents within 24 hours of a call."

Denver Post: April 13, 2003

"Former state Rep. Jeanne Faatz is our pick in a seven-way race...A standout as a legislator, Faatz also served as director of the Colorado School-to-Career partnership."

Public Safety Groups Endorse Jeanne Faatz (2003)

Many District 2 city council candidates talk about police and fire services.  Only Jeanne Faatz has been endorsed by the firefighters, police, and sheriffs as the person most qualified to protect public safety.  Groups voting to support Faatz include the Denver Firefighters, the Police Protective Association, and the Fraternal Order of Police.

Rocky Mountain News: October 14, 1998

"Faatz has mastered the coalition-building skills she’s needed to see her bills through to enactment.  Her record is moderate, not ideological."

Denver Post: September 25, 1998

"Jeanne Faatz...has successfully sponsored bills extending the Sunshine Law to local government, regulating deceptive trade practices and establishing the rights of crime victims…(She also) sponsored a bill enabling establishment of schools of choice within the public schools."

"Faatz...rarely fails to pass the bills she sponsors...She has also been a much-needed advocate for Denver’s interests...Faatz’s proven effectiveness gives her the edge."

Citizen comments about Jeanne Faatz

(Below are unsolicited comments to Jeanne from Denver residents. To respect the individual's privacy, we have omitted the writers' names.)

“Rarely if ever have I written to thank any of my elected officials. However, in your case I want to thank you for representing me! I am impressed every time I read your opinions, hear you on the radio, etc. Honestly, I feel that you are the only elected official I can count on to say what must be said.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued leadership and common sense when it comes to financial matters. At times it seems like you’re the only one who is watching the checkbook.” (about my opposition to elected official pay raises, with the city facing financial shortfalls)

“Jeanne Faatz deserves a hug for her persistence. Or, being PC here, a handshake and a deserved Well Done!” (From GeorgeinDenver concerning keeping promises to Better Denver Bond voters, April 19, 2009)

“I am so happy that we have someone like you who watches out for us. Thank you so much!”

“In the midst of all of the emotional speeches, you were the bright spot that stuck to the facts and reiterated why it made sense to have a balance of interests at play in these situations….I haven’t had the opportunity to work with you very much over the years, but as I have watched you during these many meetings, I’m more and more impressed with how you can articulate issues and rise above the drama.”

“Thank you for looking into this issue of undocumented workers obtaining city contracts and work, while our legal citizens are out of work. I can’t express how important it is for our political representatives to be a voice for the people! You show courage and good moral standards by taking on this issue.”

“You really have gone ‘above and beyond’ expectations in the performance of your position as Councilwoman for District Two specifically, and Denver in general. Never before have the residents of this community been kept as efficiently updated as to what is going on in our area.”

“(I) just wanted to tell you how impressed I have been with your integrity in this discussion. I was really inspired by your comments about what it means to be a statesman and a leader.” (concerning my opposition to elected officials’ pay increase)

“You certainly did grasp the issues better than anyone else on Council. When I was listening to you, it was heartening to know that at least one person on Council really “got it.”

“By a twelve-to-one vote, council agreed to put general fund revenues on the line for the highly dubious effort – to her credit, Jeannie Faatz had the integrity to say no.” (From March 2010 The Naysayer, about Union Station private development)

“My husband is so grateful to and admiring of Jeanne for being the sole city council rep to vote NO on the big sweet deal for the Union Station developer.”

“Thank you for the work that you did in getting the businesses on Federal that border our football field to clean up their back lots. It’s made a huge difference.”

“If every partisan in every legislature and Congress followed Faatz’s protocol – skeptical, willing to listen, prepared to ask tough questions and accept straightforward answers, this would be a better country. (Barnes-Gelt: Faatz plays it straight, Denver Post, June 27, 2010)”

“Keep up the good work. You are one of the most thoughtful, fiscally responsible and intelligent Council people we have!”

“I read about your stand on the City Council proposed raises and must applaud you. Finally someone with some common sense is being heard!”

“You may feel lonely at times, but please know there are many of us…who are following what you are doing and who appreciate your valiant effort. You are on track, and please keep up your noble and just fight.”

“You are someone I have always admired and respected and I’ve tried to emulate you in many ways. You have the gift of asking probing questions and expecting straight answers but always in a gracious way.”

“I am a channel 8 junkie and I never fail to be impressed by your command of detail, the acumen of your questions, and the pertinence of your observations.”

“Amazing how Jeanne Faatz is the only Councilperson with a memory and a sense of fiscal responsibility to the voters.” (From Denver Direct: Denver Bond Implementation “Bait and Switch”)

“I am always impressed with your conservative stands on issues. The information you presented in opposition to the pay raise for the District Attorney was accurate and timely. I know many times you must feel like the ‘red headed step child’ on the Council but please don’t give up. One of the reasons I admire you is that you continue to stand on your convictions.”

“You seem to be the only one who really looks at all sides of an issue. I am pleased to see your lone vote in opposition to council pressure. Keep up the good work.”

“I live in the Cherry Creek area of Denver and unfortunately not in your district, but that doesn’t stop me from congratulating you on how you handle yourself in City Council. Especially love how you handled the “reserve” in tonight’s Union Station matter. Keep up the good work, if nothing else to give some of us faith out here in the public that someone “Gets it.”

“Thank you for not being afraid to speak your mind and being the strong woman of personal convictions I saw last night.” (downzoning of Sloan’s Lake neighborhood)

“You are a total ‘Rock Star’ in my book, and I am proud to have you as my council woman!!! Please keep up the fight.”

“Thank you for the clear, concise and thoughtful talk you gave us last night at our MarLee meeting. The level of leadership you give to your communities we have not seen elsewhere in our city. Everyone told us they were so pleased with the information they received from you. It was the first time they understood what they were being asked to vote on.”

“Faatz is the council’s fiscal conservative and, thanks to her years in the statehouse – where the legislative branch, not the executive, controls the budget – she’s earned high marks for asking tough fiscal questions and understanding the answers.” (Susan Barnes-Gelt, Denver Post, 11/17/2005)

“Thank you very much for being our advocate and letting Public Works know about our neighborhood. You made a difference and it is very much appreciated!” (plowing of heavy snow and deep ruts)

“Keep up the good work, Jeanne. I sleep well at night knowing you are watching out for me and my tax dollars.”

“It is great that there are people like you who don’t spend 110% on being a Republican or Democrat and just get the job done. Thank you.”

“Thanks for showing that there is at least one person on the council more directed by common sense than emotional reflex and someone with the courage to stand up and be counted. How can we support you in the future?”

“Keep up the good work and continue to be the voice of reason even if it’s lonely to do so.”

“What a pleasure it was to pick up this morning’s paper and learn that at least one voice is trying to inject some sanity toward the direction various City policies are heading….I have one regret. I wish you were representing my district.”

“Thank you…for your prompt response to my concerns regarding the graffiti problem in my neighborhood. I have let all my neighbors know about your actions and response to this problem….It is nice to see government actually work for the citizens for a change.”

“We are lucky to have you….It is rare to have someone in politics with such common sense and a true commitment to the people they represent.”

“Every once in a while I watch the proceedings of the City Council, and I am always fascinated by your uncanny ability to see the obvious facts in most discussions….I often find you are the only person overall that seems logical, thoughtful, and reasonable on any issue.”

“Jeanne Faatz, at this point, is the lone voice of reason on the council. She still believes in trivial things like free enterprise and property rights.” (David Harsanyi, Denver Post 1/10/2005)

“Thank you for the prompt attention and follow up to the concerns I had with the Motor Vehicle Department and Traffic Court….My concerns were very minor compared to the other issues that you deal with. I think you do an excellent job of representing our district and I appreciate your newsletters and surveys.”

(About an area along a walking path that was trashed by someone leaving large mounds of dirt, cut-down brush and debris) “I had asked for your help in returning this area back to its original condition. I want to thank you for doing just that. The work has been completed and it looks great! My husband and I walk this area on a regular basis and we are very appreciative of your effort.”

“For the past hour or so I have had the pleasure of watching you participate in the Safety Committee broadcast on Channel 8. You are a refreshing voice of reason.”

(From a City Council colleague) “You always keep us fiscally balanced and I am really thankful to you for that, Jeanne. If you were not there, we would be in a world of trouble. All of us liberals spending the money and not thinking about where the heck it is coming from (smile).”

Actions on City Council

bulletSponsored and passed ordinance to require city contractors and subcontractors to use the federal immigration database E-Verify to screen employees.  All people paid from tax dollars should be legally qualified to work in the United States.
bulletOpposed elected official salary increases, noting a projected $500 million shortfall in future years.
bulletBlew the whistle on tax-free gas to DNC dignitaries.
bulletPromoted more effective collection methods for monies already owed the city – past due tickets, penalties, taxes, and fees.
bulletSponsored an administrative citation process to encourage quicker, better compliance with neighborhood zoning laws to keep neighborhoods from declining.  Also measure helped unclog the courts from zoning matters.
bulletProposed a mini-bond program as part of the voter-approved Justice Center bond offerings.  This enabled the small investor to buy tax-free city general obligation bonds just like the big investors.
bulletSponsored a charter change to allow citizen initiatives to go directly to the ballot, not through city council.  Voters approved the change.
bulletOpposed measures that would increase tax rates.
bulletSuccessfully fought proposed changes to the commercial building code that compromised public safety.
bulletOpposed long-term obligations that bypassed the voter, such as “Certificates of Participation” and “moral obligations” to pay off other governmental entities’ debt if they can’t.
bulletSponsored a city worker whistle-blower protection ordinance.
bulletStopped relocation of prairie dogs from southeast Denver to our southwest Denver district.
bulletWorked with Council District 2 communities to protect property rights and, in some circumstances, make more appropriate zoning designations in the new Denver zoning code.
bulletImproved campaign finance law by requiring quick internet display of candidate reports.  Also changed law to require incumbents to file the same disclosures as challengers, thus leveling the playing field.
bulletKept a library open 6 days a week in each quadrant of the city by moving money from non-essential programs elsewhere in the budget.
bulletRespected personal property rights by opposing questionable, hostile historic district designations or hostile down-zonings.
bulletWorked for tougher enforcement for graffiti vandals and have pushed for quick city clean-up of graffiti in neighborhoods.  My office distributes graffiti wipes and paint to cover graffiti if citizens wish to help with the clean-up effort.
bulletAdded 19 police offices to budget at a time the department was so short-staffed morale suffered and there were too few officers to backfill if others wanted to use earned comp time.  Moved money from elsewhere in budget to public safety.
bulletObjected to taxpayer subsidies for favored individual businesses, such as Exclusive Resorts, ProLogis, and DaVita.  I oppose corporate welfare.
bulletExposed problems with loans to risky ventures, such as Inner-City Community Development Corporations, Industrial Plus, and Denver Enterprise Center.
bulletAssembled pots of money to properly renovate Bear Creek Park (sombrero) playground.  Worked with city agencies and citizens for a great design.
bulletPromoted the establishment of a COP (Citizen Operated Policing) shop in our district.
bulletAccelerated the purchase of fire trucks to update the aging fleet.
bulletExposed city-backed Seedco Financial Services lending problems and successfully encouraged the city administration to withdraw support.
bulletOpposed Denver International Airport forgiveness of United Airlines debt (almost $300 million in total) and two different D.I.A. subsidies for Lufthansa Airlines.
bulletRun my office frugally, hiring only one aide (other offices have two or more), personally waiving my rights to collect end-of service payouts for unused sick leave and vacation time, and personally supplying my own cell phone and automobile.

Additional News and Media Coverage:

bulletDenver Herald-Dispatch Article - March 29, 2007

Map of Council District 2 Boundaries:

The link below will take you to a map that shows the new boundaries of Denver City Council District 2.  You can return to this page by clicking the back button in your browser.

bulletCouncil District 2 Map

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